Secret Life of a Book Sniffer

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In my opinion, there’s a whole lot of things that smell fantastic. Babies, lavender, and the entire season of fall come to mind as some top-notch selections. None of these, however, can beat my favorite scent…books.

Yes, that’s right…books. There is just something about paper and ink that intoxicates the old senses. It’s not just the books themselves, though. It’s the locations that are filled with them. Picture this for a moment – you open the door to your local Barnes & Noble and are immediately engulfed in the scent of a decadent cocktail made from freshly brewed coffee and Eau de paper. Delicious, right?

I have been known/caught from time to time picking up a vintage classic and taking a deep breath of its literary goodness. For years I struggled with the fact that nobody had developed the necessary formula to bottle the smell of books, both old and new. I mean let’s face it – you can’t just walk into Bath and Body Works and ask for the Newspaper and Cappuccino 3-wick! That’s then I discovered Frostbeard Studio.

Frostbeard is a shop that is changing the lives of bibliophiles everywhere. Nestled inside the paradise known as Etsy, this shop makes a variety of book-inspired soy candles and wax tarts for your personal enjoyment.

Based out of Minneapolis, Frostbeard not only has Grade A options like Old Books and Book Store, but they also produce candles that are based on your favorite books. Ever wondered how a certain school for witchcraft and wizardry might smell in real life? Check out Headmaster’s Office and Wizardry Buttery Drink. Or maybe you’d like to know what fragrance perfumed the air at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties – pick up Gatsby’s Mansion to find out.

These candles and wax melts are spectacular. They burn beautifully and smell exactly how you’d expect. They make the perfect gift for your fellow book nerd, or a nice little treat for yourself. I highly recommend visiting their online shop today!

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