Cheap Wine That Doesn’t Taste Like Sour Grapes


I recently saw an article on Buzzfeed that discussed some different wine options for under $15. As an indulgent lover of all things vino, I was pretty ecstatic. To my surprise, however, the list left me feeling a little disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong…there were definitely some good options that I’ve been known to partake in from time to time (Who doesn’t love a good bottle of two buck chuck?) Overall, though, I felt like they left some major players out of the game.

So grab a class, and pop the cork – here are some of my favorite budget-friendly bottles of grape.

  1. Beringer


Throughout my experience as a wino, I haven’t met a bottle of Beringer that I didn’t enjoy. Whether you’re interested in the classic labels or the Founders Estate varietals, the most you’re going to pay is around $10 a bottle. If you’re a fan of sweeter wines, I highly suggest trying their white merlot.

2. Francis Ford Coppola – Diamond Collection


As if the Godfather films weren’t enough of a contribution to popular culture, Francis Ford Coppola has gifted wine lovers with his diamond collection wines. Boasting a ton of different options, my two favorites are the chardonnay and the pinot noir. Frequently on sale, these beauties only usually cost $10 – $15 a bottle.

3. Rex-Goliath


Winner of more than fifty gold medals, these “fruit-forward wines” are a real treat. Named for the famed 47lb. circus rooster, Rex Goliath, these wines, too, are larger than life. The blackberry-inspired cabernet sauvignon is simply delicious and for only about $7.99 a bottle, it’s a real steal!

4. Little Penguin


An Australian-based wine company, Little Penguin offers top-notch wine for around $5 a bottle! Each variety that I’ve tried is light and refreshing… the precise formula one deserves from their low-cost wines. Not to mention, they’ve got an adorable penguin on the bottle! Does it get any cuter? For a hot summer day, you don’t want to miss their chardonnay.

*Bonus Bottle* – Hob Nob


One fateful night in Savannah, I got my hands on a glass of Hob Nob’s pinot noir. While it’s their only varietal I’ve tried, and I can’t comment on the other options, I can safely say that it’s become one of my ultimate faves. Down a glass with some sweet dessert for the best drinking experience. At $10 a bottle, you won’t regret it!

So what are some of your favorite low-cost wines?

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